Friday, January 3, 2014

3 Articles to Help You Be a Better Parent

One of my favorite sites is Huffpost Parents, a subsection of The Huffington Post dedicated to parenting info, advice, and stories. I recommend that all parents visit there regularly.

They've recently posted THREE articles that really speak volumes to me.

In, "How to Raise a Kid Who Isn't Whiny and Annoying," author Liz Lenz laments getting "Pinterest stress" and how that relates to having whiny children.

"To Parents of Small Children: Let Me Be the One Who Says It Out Loud," by Steve Wiens gives us a reality check in an attempt to calm our nerves and remind us "You are not a terrible parent if..."

Finally, Sarah Koppelkam helps us know "How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body." I think she's spot on and especially like this sentence: "Prove to your daughter that women don't need men to move their furniture." :-)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Returning Tomorrow

Good news! After a lot of reflection -- I'd considered doing this at the beginning of 2013 -- I'm reviving this blog tomorrow.

What you'll see is an expanded range of topics. Sure, I'll talk about barefoot stuff here and there, but I also plan to post all kinds of commentary on national and world events, recipes, tips for better living, and much more!

To get ready, make sure to get an email subscription to this blog. Just put your address into the box in the left column of this page.

If you're on Facebook, I also recommend you Like my page there (by clicking the Like button in the right column of this page). I'll be sharing a lot of things there that never show up here.

I also continue to post on Twitter. Find me there at @BarefootVoice.

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