Why Go Barefoot?

Going barefoot is our innate condition. We were BORN to go without shoes! It's healthy, comfortable, legal, safe and provides additional sensation and awareness of the world around us.

Our society wrongly believes that shoes are a necessary part of our daily lives. Actually, they provide a breeding ground for bacteria and weaken and misshape our feet. They can cause injury from our ankles up through our spines. Even flip flops alter our natural walking gait and collect bacteria.

All that said, footwear still has its place sometimes. Alternative shoes such as "minimalist" footwear are available to keep feet flexible and strong while offering some protection.

I encourage you to take one "step" out of your comfort zone by going barefoot someplace/sometime that you normally wouldn't.

For much more information, visit The Barefoot Alliance's Website.

Below I've listed what I believe are the "highlights" of my previous posts on living barefoot. I hope that you may find good information and encouragement from them and will further your barefoot journey:


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